How to Signup for the Project Resistance Closed Beta

When Capcom first teased Project Resistance there was a lot of speculation about what the game could be. But as time wore on and the leaks continued, it seemed pretty safe to assume the game was multiplayer.

Now, thanks to new trailers and details, gamers know that Project Resistance is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where four players work together to escape levels while another player is trying to impede their progress through indirect and direct action. It’s a concept that sounds intriguing on paper, but will only be able to sell gamers if they get a chance to play it themselves.

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Join Resident Evil Ambassadors

Luckily, Capcom announced a closed beta for Project Resistance that will run from October 4th to October 7th. But while most closed betas usually require a pre-order or some form of payment, all prospective participants need to do is join the Resident Evil Ambassadors program on PS4 or the Xbox Insiders Program on Xbox One.

Between now and September 18th, players can sign up for the Resident Evil Ambassadors Program. It’s not just a program geared around Project Resistance – it was actually the program that leaked the existence of this game, though – but many will join just for the closed beta.

Then once a Resident Evil Ambassador account has been created, fill in the closed beta entry form. Capcom will notify those that are eligible for the beta and give out Project Resistance codes by September 30th. The company suggests that there may be room for everyone, but if too many members apply Capcom may need to resort to a random draw.

Join Xbox Insiders Program

The Xbox Insiders Program is usually focused on testing new dashboard updates for the Xbox One, but members get a few additional bonuses here and there too. All interested gamers need to do is sign up for the Xbox Insiders program and the job is done. If they are selected for the Project Resistance beta they will receive a message on their console and the option to download the beta.

Given Resident Evil’s popularity, it’s very likely that Capcom will have to resort to randomly picking closed beta participants but it doesn’t hurt to sign up for either program. Asymmetrical multiplayer games like this can be hit or miss, so an opportunity to see and play Project Resistance early can help the devs know what does and doesn’t work.

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