Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell says that racing game Project Cars 2 is aiming for a September release date and that the game will feature all of the famous car brands.

In 2015, when developer Slightly Mad Studios released racing game Project Cars following several delays, it did so to critical acclaim. Game Rant‘s own Project Cars review said that the game was one of the most “realistic” and addictive racing simulators ever. Many others who played the game seemed to echo that sentiment, and so it came as little surprise when Slightly Mad announced its follow up, Project Cars 2.

But while that initial announcement didn’t include any hints at when the game would be released, Slightly Mad Studios now says that the Project Cars sequel will likely be released this September. Responding to a fan who asked about a possible July/August release on the developer’s official forum, Slightly Mad’s CEO Ian Bell says that the “current guess [for the Project Cars 2 release date] is Septemberish.” However, Bell does note that “it’s still a very tight run as we’re a bit behind on GUI and Career so nothing is set in stone yet.”

Project Cars Wii U cancelled 2

As for what players can expect when the game launches this fall, Slightly Mad has previously promised “the largest track roster ever,” including 50 “unique” locations and over 200 tracks, a co-op career mode and the “widest variety of motorsports,” including eight different disciplines. In a separate forum post, Bell said that “none of the famous brands are missing this time,” which is good news to those who missed out on Ferrari vehicles the first time around. By the sounds of it, Project Cars 2 will have more than enough in its arsenal to take on the recently confirmed Forza Motorsport 7.

In addition to these features though, many fans will also hope that Project Cars 2 is a bit more accessible that its predecessor. One of the biggest concerns of the first game was that a lack of tutorials, regarding things such as car tuning settings, made mastering the game tricky and players had to rely on videos posted by fans online.

Moreover, with the Wii U version of Project Cars having been cancelled, many will also be eager for Project Cars 2 to come to the Nintendo Switch, finally giving them a chance to play the franchise on a Nintendo system. It seems likely that Mario Kart 8 is getting some new content for its Nintendo Switch release but Project Cars 2 will be a more realistic racing alternative for those averse to Mario Kart‘s cartoon-y style and arcade-like gameplay. A Switch release is very much unconfirmed for now, but Slightly Mad has plenty of time to make a decision on that front.

Project Cars 2 is currently in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.