Prize Machine Thief Uses Daughter to Steal Nintendo Switch

Police are currently looking for a man who got his young daughter to climb inside a BarberCut Lite cabinet to steal several Nintendo consoles. Given the toddler’s tiny hands, she was able to retrieve some Nintendo prizes with the help of her father before the pair fled the scene with another child, who is assumed to be the man’s son.

The Union Leader reported that the theft was witnessed by a hostess at a restaurant, opposite from where the machine is located, who then alerted the security team at the Mall at Rockingham Park in New Hampshire. The witness revealed that “Two people came in and I heard them say, ‘That’s so unsafe.’ So I went outside, and all I saw was the toddler’s head peeping out of the front of the machine.”

She then claimed that the man was able to take home several prizes including a Nintendo Switch, and a “Gameboy DS,” which is assumed to be a 3DS. The perpetrator is described as an Hispanic man sporting a beard, and is believed to be 20-30 years old. The incident was caught on camera and was uploaded by the Salem NH Police Department who is now asking the public's help to locate the man.

Theft from Mall at Rockingham Park

Attached is a video from the incident Saturday night at the Mall at Rockingham Park. The video has intentionally been blurred out to protect the identity of the involved children. Anyone who recognizes the suspect in this case is urged to call Detective Dempsey at 603-890-2343 or message us here on Facebook. Thank you!

Posted by Salem NH Police Department on Monday, September 17, 2018

As with other electronic devices, gaming consoles such as the Switch are becoming a hot target for thieves given its increasing popularity and good resale value. Last year, the Oklahoma police reported that an unidentified man stole a Nintendo Switch from a kid who was undergoing surgery that day. Reports claimed that the Kindle family left their hotel room and did not notice that the door did not close all the way. This gave the thief the opportunity to grab a few cards, some cash, and a Switch console, which was bought to help the kid recover from his procedure.

A few years ago, another video-game related theft occurred at a Walmart in Tennessee, when suspect John Garvin and a female accomplice, attempted to shoplift $500 worth of video games. The couple was caught and detained in an office room, where Garvin proceeded to urinate all over the floor, adding indecent exposure on top of his shoplifting charge.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: The Union Leader

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