New Screens from Prison Break: The Conspiracy

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Longtime readers of Game Rant will remember an article we ran in early December, showcasing the (then) newly announced Prison Break: The Conspiracy.

It’s just over a month away from release, and developer Deep Silver have been kind enough to show us some more of the hotly anticipated TV-Game spinoff – or, at least, that’s what I would say, if the game actually looked good.

I’m aware that photo-realistic visuals are not achievable with modern gaming technology, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt if the character of Michael Scofield looked like the actor Wentworth Miller.

Make sure to check out the screens after the jump:


When last covering the title, we were apologetic for the game’s visuals which is understandable, seeing as the game was still a third of a year from release. With a pending release date of March 26th, I can be a little more definitive in my view of the game’s sub-par visuals.


Perhaps these screens are from an old build of the title, and the final product will have visuals that match those of Heavy Rain and The Last Guardian? Or, and I’m assuming this is the more likely outcome, Prison Break: The Conspiracy will be one of the most visually hideous videogames released in recent times for the HD consoles.

You never know though, right?

As for the game itself, well… I think our previous article, along with the reader comments below it, covered my feelings sufficiently. As much as I loved all four seasons of the hit TV show, I’m certainly not excited for this upcoming adaptation.

Are you planning on picking up Prison Break: The Conspiracy? What do you think of the screenshots?

Prison Break: The Conspiracy is out March 26th.

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