The Prince of Persia Trilogy Turns Back Time on PSN

Remember just how sad you were when the Prince of Persia Trilogy HD was announced as a European exclusive Blu-ray disc? Well go ahead and dry those eyes because Ubisoft has announced that the remastered trilogy will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in downloadable form through the PlayStation Network. In fact, if you head over to the PSN Store, you’ll find the first title in the series available right now.

You read that correctly, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time HD could be getting sent through the Internet tubes directly to your PS3 right now. Fans eager to have the entire trilogy resting safely on the hard drives will have to wait until December to get their hands on Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

These games add to the already growing list of HD remakes that includes The God of War Collection, The Sly Collection and the upcoming Team ICO re-release. Just like The Sly Collection, you will now be able to take the Prince on his time-bending adventure in 3D, as long as you have one of the fancy new televisions.

Each game will be priced at $14.99 and, since their releases are staggered, can be purchased separately. Pricing for these types of releases has been a little inconsistent thus far. When you consider that the on disc remakes have been starting at $40 and contain up to three games, (approx. $13.33 per game), Prince of Persia may seem a little on the high side. But when you look at that $40 price on a release like The God of War Collection, which only contains two games (or $20 per game), the Prince doesn’t look as pricey. Obviously though, purchasing all three Prince of Persia titles will put you over the standard $40 on-disc price.

There have been two new Prince of Persia releases this generation, but neither managed to live up to the acclaim of the original trilogy. The cel-shaded Prince of Persia was a refreshing change for some but a little too different for others, while Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands managed to raise the bar for the Prince’s acrobatics but took a step back in the combat department. These rereleases should scratch the itch that die-hard fans have been trying to reach for years.

Are any Ranters ready to wield the Dagger of Time once again? Are you bummed that there’s not going to be a physical release, or are you just happy to experience the Prince’s adventures anew, in HD?

The Prince of Persia Trilogy will completely rewind time on the PSN now and this December.

Source: PS Blog

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