Prince of Persia Creator Wants to Make a New Game

New Prince of Persia game creator

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner has revealed that he would be open to making a new game in the series. The series is one of several that fans have begged Ubisoft to revive and bring back for current-generation consoles, with another dormant series being Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Speaking at GameLab Barcelona, Mechner was asked by a fan if he would like to make a new Prince of Persia game. The Prince of Persia creator said "I would love to replay those old games," when talking about a Prince of Persia remaster and then answered "yes," when asked about an all-new Prince of Persia game. Mechner still has much love for the series he created, and is working with the Museum of Play and Stripe Press to release the book The Making of Prince of Persia to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series.

This isn't the first time that Mechner has suggested that he would like to make a new Prince of Persia game. After model and author Chrissy Teigen tweeted about the series last year, Mechner responded saying that "we're doing our best to make it happen." Mechner didn't say who the "we" was and if that meant that the developer is working with Ubisoft on bringing the series back. However, fans were very happy to hear that the Prince of Persia series could be revived.

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If Mechner and Ubisoft are working together on that, it's not known where that project stands and if a game is in development. Ubisoft hasn't totally forgotten about the Prince of Persia series though, and the company seems to know that fans still enjoy the action-adventure games. E3 2019 is evidence of this, as Ubisoft announced the UPlay+ subscription service and confirmed that it would allow fans to play the Prince of Persia games. It wasn't the new Prince of Persia game or remaster that fans were looking for, but it was still a positive.

Support for Mechner's book could potentially give Ubisoft a reason to bring the series back, if it sees that Prince of Persia fans are feeling nostalgic. From the response to supposed Prince of Persia announcement teasers, Ubisoft knows that fans want a new game, but these numbers would confirm just how many fans. However, if not, at least fans know that the original creator is on their side.

Source: VG247

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