Prey Releases 'Only Yu Can Save the World' Trailer

Prey Morgan Yu Trailer

This morning Bethesda released a new trailer for the upcoming action shooter Prey which focuses on protagonist Morgan Yu. Titled "Only Yu Can Save the World," the trailer swaps between short developer insight clips and gameplay. It covers a lot of ground in its 4 minutes, surprisingly without any significant spoilers, but does a great job of tying Morgan Yu into the grander experiment of the first-person shooter.

The game's Lead Designer, Ricardo Bare, provides the following quote to open the trailer, which does a great job of establishing the content that follows:

"Who is Morgan Yu? That's one of the questions you'll be answering, because when the game begins you have no idea why you're on the space station, what people were doing to you, how you got there, what you need to do to get out of the situation."

In a very video game fashion, Morgan Yu will wake up at the start of Prey without their memories. It appears that past Morgan Yu has erased their own memories. As a result, the new Morgan Yu's personality will be entirely customized to the player's interests. However, past Morgan Yu seems like they will try to influence new Morgan Yu in a variety of ways. The player's chosen direction for Morgan Yu will apparently affect the story, and ultimately the ending as well, in interesting ways.

The Prey trailer makes clear that Morgan Yu's choices won't just be limited to conversation options or some time of Renegade/Paragon ethical system. Rather, it takes on a sort of BioShock system where gameplay choices also have significant effects. For instance, again like BioShock, Morgan Yu can infuse themselves with alien powers. The more alien power put into Morgan Yu, the more the world treats them as a threat.

For as focused on Morgan Yu as the trailer is, it also spends a good amount of time introducing secondary characters within the Prey world. They all seem rather untrustworthy, however, and the art design does a great job of making each of them seem unnatural. That's probably what Arkane Studios is going for though, isn't it?

Prey launches May 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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