Prey 'Weapon and Power Combos' Trailer Recycles Aliens

Prey Weapons and Powers Trailer

A new trailer for Arkane Studios' Prey shows off a variety of weapons and powers wielded by protagonist Morgan Yu, as well as how combining those tools can create extraordinary mayhem. While in many ways Prey is a more traditional shooter than Arkane's other modern franchise, Dishonored, it may prove its equal in terms of improvisational combat opportunities. This new trailer, titled "Weapon and Power Combos," makes clear that Morgan Yu's more than capable of taking on the alien threat.

Up until recently, Bethesda and Arkane have only shown a handful of the weapons and powers within Prey. The Gloo Cannon is a perfect example, featured prominently in a straightforward manner, glooping up aliens until they can't move so Morgan can bash them with a pipe.

But there's so much more it can do. It also works to gloop up pipes spouting fire, or can be used to create a ledge for Morgan to leap to. Combine it with the Lift Field power to toss enemies. Or combine all three and toss yourself onto a faraway ledge Morgan would otherwise never reach.

These types of unique interactions between Morgan's powers and weapons and the aliens on the space station promise to give Prey a depth of gameplay to match its haunting story. More weapon and powers will be found in-game, and there are myriad ways they interact, which the player can discover on their own.

Bethesda says that Morgan Yu will have access to a total of 24 "human upgrades" in addition to 20 alien powers, plus all of their upgrades. It's already been detailed how acquiring alien powers comes at a cost, like how the Typhon enemies will become more aggressive or how human turrets will now target you as an enemy. There's also a friendly named Nightmare Typhon who might start taking notice of you.

Today's Weapon and Power Combos trailer is the first of three videos to be released this week. The second will be released tomorrow and will focus on Morgan's weapon selection. Then on Thursday Bethesda says to expect a video on Prey's "Neruomod Division." It's likely the devs meant Neuromod, but maybe it's some sort of funny in-game branding. Stay tuned.

Prey releases May 5, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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