Prey's Talos I Space Station Explored in New Trailer

Prey Talos 1 Tour Trailer

Bethesda's released another trailer for Prey, the upcoming sci-fi action-shooter from Arkane Studios. In "A Guided Tour of Talos I" viewers are given a proper introduction to the setting of Prey, Talos I, a mysterious space station that has seen better days – so to speak. Protagonist Morgan Yu arrives at Talos I in the wake of a "wave" of what Arkane describes as an outbreak. Thoroughly exploring Talos I in-game will be the only way to uproot its secrets.

Perhaps Prey's newest trailer's most exciting reveal is the scope of Talos I's openness. While Arkane doesn't go as far as calling it an open world game, they say it's absolutely "like" an open world game. Players will be able thoroughly explore Talos I, with the entirety of what Arkane's built within (and without)  available for the player to visit by the end of the game. It's even described as an onion, layered and requiring players to work towards the center.

The trailer showcases how the alien threat within Talos I isn't the sole hazard that the player will have to deal with in Prey. The space station itself is also a hazard in the player's path. Streaming fire jets in the middle of hallways is just the least of it, as players will also have to deal with zero gravity and situations where Morgan Yu cannot breathe. Of course, when the aliens are able to transform into inanimate objects, the crossover between Talos I and the Typhons may not be so different.

Bethesda is tying in today's trailer release with a special contest, with a grand prize of a trip to Space Camp. Of course, the extra benefits of a 4K 65" television, a speaker system, and a Prey-themed custom console probably sound pretty good too. Hopefully space camp doesn't throw in any Prey-themed hazards, because most people probably aren't prepared for that kind of terror like Morgan Yu is.

The parallels between Prey's Talos I and certain other game settings is increasingly apparent. Most prominent of course is BioShock's Rapture or BioShock Infinite's Columbia, both of which were hazardous environments where things went terribly wrong. Arkane likely wouldn't mind being compared to those two games. If it can pull off Talos I to the same degree as the BioShock games pulled off their own respective settings, it'd be a mark of quality few games ever attain. Talos I has its work cut out for itself.

Prey launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting May 5, 2017. A free demo featuring Prey's first hour of gameplay will be available for download starting April 27, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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