Prey Speedrunner Finishes Game in Under 45 Minutes


Arkane Studios released Prey less than a week ago, which is why most players still haven't completed its main quest or its vast quantity of optional objectives. Of course, veteran speedrunner DraQu isn't most players, which may explain why the talented gamer was able to finish Prey in under 45 minutes.

This wasn't the gamer's first rodeo, nor is it the first time his speedrunning exploits have caught the eyes of the masses. In his latest Prey speedrun, DraQu utilizes a series of map exploits and a now-infamous recycling glitch to minimize his playthrough length, setting down the gauntlet which will undoubtedly face its fair share of rival speedrunners in the near future.

Gamers can take a look at DraQu's Prey speedrun in its entirity below, but should be aware that the video contains story spoilers:

Given that many gamers had already used map exploits to escape the limited area of the demo, it probably comes as no surprise that similar exploits can be used to trim the full game from several hours of content down to the length of a Mad Men episode. It was just yesterday that DraQu's best time was closer to an hour, with the speedrunner then knocking 15 minutes off his best time today. Given the rapid rate of improvement seen from DraQu alone, we wouldn't be surprised if playthroughs in the near future improve on this time yet again.

After spending many years in development hell which involved both the original sequel's cancellation and the the property's transition from 3D Realms to Besthesda Softworks, Prey has released to a positive reception over 10 years after the original title made waves on Xbox 360 and PC. To achieve this, Arkane Studios scrapped the previous assets from Human Head Studios and simply started anew after Besthesda first acquired the rights to the IP. Today, the spiritual successor to System Shock has some refined horror elements truly worth noticing, revitalizing what was once thought of as failed follow up.

Now that DraQu has published the reigning time to beat, it'll be interesting to see if other speedrunners pick up a copy of the game and coming calling.

Prey is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PC Gamer

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