With just a few months to go until Prey launches worldwide, Bethesda has started highlighting the powers and abilities players will have at their disposal in greater detail. One such ability is called “mimic,” and it allows the game’s main character, Morgan Yu, to transform into a wide variety of objects in order to fool and combat enemies. As it turns out, one of the items Yu can transform into is none other than a roll of toilet paper.

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Prey that shows Yu transform into a variety of small objects like toilet paper, a coffee mug, apples, and more, in order to quickly traverse the environment without being detected by alien lifeforms. It seems as though Yu will be able to access certain areas easier by transforming into these small objects, which should play a big role when it comes to the game’s exploration elements.

As seen in the trailer below, Yu isn’t restricted to just transforming into small objects like toilet paper, though. On the contrary, Yu can also become larger objects, with the example in the trailer being an enemy turret that Yu encounters in a hallway. At this point, it’s not clear just how extensive Yu’s mimic ability is, but it seems rather impressive so far.

Besides exploration and combat purposes, Yu’s mimic ability can be used to hide from enemies as well. In the trailer, we see Yu transform into a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign to hide from some of the black goo aliens that serve as the game’s enemies. Yu then quickly morphs back into his human form when the aliens least expect it, blasting them away with his shotgun.

Yu’s mimic ability seems like it will be a highlight of the Prey experience, as it is a relatively fresh idea for a first-person shooter. However, the mimic ability is far from being the only unique idea Arkane has come up with for Prey‘s gameplay. Bethesda has also shown off a grenade that collects crafting materials and a Gloo Gun that can be used to solve puzzles as well as create makeshift stairs to access hard-to-reach parts of the environment.

Overall, it looks as though Prey is offering plenty of original ways for Morgan Yu to fight aliens and explore the Talos I space station. As we near the game’s release, players should keep an eye out for other videos like this one to detail what else the game has in store when it comes to Morgan Yu’s special abilities.

Prey will launch on May 5, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.