Prey: How to Craft Unlimited Materials and Neuromods

prey unlimited materials neuromods exploit

Although Bethesda's new review policy has prevented the release of Prey from being accompanied by the usual massive influx of praise and critique, the conversational buzz surrounding the game is definitely one that's characterized mostly by the former. Arkane Studios appears to have developed another game that rewards players for approaching problems creatively while arming them with the tools to make even the wildest scenarios a possibility, and the open-ended nature of Prey's various puzzles and battles has players eager to find out best practices as they progress throughout the game.

Although comparisons of Prey to Dead Space work on some level, they play out differently enough that Prey requires players to critically think about the decisions they are making at any given time. Part of this is enforced by resource management, which is critical in the early game and can limit the way players progress - recycling items and materials to craft new ones or upgrade powers isn't easy, or common, in the very beginning, meaning players have to pick and choose what they want to prioritize.

As of the game's launch, however, there is an exploit present - like with many Bethesda titles, it appears to be an glitch - that allows players to bypass this stingy early game and become powerful, fast. It's an extremely easy technique that is accessible immediately within the game, and allows players to duplicate their materials whenever they wish using any recycling machine.

Please note that this technique is certainly unintended, and will likely be patched out quickly. Those who want to use it are advised to do so quickly. Also, keep in mind that use of this exploit definitely makes Prey a lot easier than Arkane Studios' intended, so those wishing to experience the game in the way Arkane envisioned will want to give this one a pass. Those still interested, however, need only read on.

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Step 1: Find a Recycling Machine

Literally any of them will do, and Prey features enough of them that this isn't a particularly hard requirement. Of course, some of them are surrounded by enemies, so early in the game, it's worth planning out a route that's a little easier. Keep in mind that players need to have materials on them as well, as they can't duplicate something they don't have - do some rummaging throughout the early areas to ensure the exploit is possible.

Step 2: Put a Stack of Materials in the Machine

Players will see once they place a stack of materials in a recycler that they will be getting back the exact same amount they put in. This is fine - it's the next step that actually creates duplicate materials.

Step 3: Split the Stack Multiple Times in the Machine and Profit

By splitting the stack multiple times in the machine and then leaving the stack screen to use it, players will be rewarded with double the amount of materials they put in. There really isn't a good explanation as to why this is, but it's probably the single most important glitch discovered in Prey so far. Materials are an incredibly valuable resource that help players build things like Neuromods, which in turn upgrade the player character's ability to interact with aliens and survive combat, among other useful abilities.

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That's it - we told you it was easy. Please keep in mind that as of this writing, this exploit does not work on food or, more importantly, weapons. Still, it's a game-breaking exploit that makes Prey a lot easier for those who are looking for an over-powered character early, since gamers can get access to a ton of Neuromods as soon as they find the Neuromod Fabrication Plan.

What do you think, Ranters? Is this exploit fair or foul? Does it make Prey too easy, or is it a fun option for players looking to power through it after such a busy released schedule over the past few months? Let us know in the comments below.

Prey is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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