Prey Trailer Shows Familiar Gameplay With A New Female Protagonist

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Bethesda releases a new trailer for Prey showing the same footage from Gamescom only this time being narrated by and from the perspective of a new female protagonist.

After being just rumor and speculation earlier this year, fans finally got their first look at the newly rebooted shooter Prey during Bethesda's E3 2016 showcase. The trailer introduced Morgan Yu, the subject of a series of experiments that seem to have increasingly negative effects on him through out the course of the footage. With the game not expected until sometime later in 2017, Bethesda has taken a slow reveal approach, offering little tidbits here and there including the recent fact that the main character can be either male or female.

Known as Another Yu, the brand new trailer for Prey reveals that players will have the opportunity to cast protagonist Morgan Yu as either a male or female character. While every piece of footage and promotional material for the game has revealed the lead character as male, this trailer puts a spin on things by showing the trailer from gamescom 2016 only from the perspective of the female version of Morgan. As expected, the female version of Morgan features a new voice actor, with slightly different animations and models.


While Prey is a game about player choice, the decision to create Morgan Yu as a male or female protagonist will have no impact on the gameplay or story. Bethesda reassures gamers that the character will be defined by the choices players make instead. It's unclear how much customization players will have available during the character selection process or if selecting the gender will be the only player choice option.

While this choice won’t change the story or how you interact with the world – because Morgan Yu is Morgan Yu, and he or she will be defined by the choices you make – it’s yet another way that Arkane is saying yes to the player.

Gameplay wise, there's still a lot of details that fans do not know. It's clear that Arkane is working to distance itself from the cancelled Prey 2 as president and creative director, Raphael Colantonio, confirmed that this Prey is a re-imagining of the franchise and isn't a reboot, remake, or sequel in any way. The studio also hid a number of secrets in the E3 announcement trailer for fans hoping to learn how the game will play. Details are still slim, but players now know that the space station Talos I can be freely explored and is home to some odd shape shifting aliens who have broken containment.

Are you happy to see choice being added into a game like Prey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Prey is scheduled for release sometime in 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Bethesda Softworks — YouTube

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