Prey Gameplay Trailer Revealed at The Game Awards

At the Game Awards 2016, developer Arkane Studios reveals a new trailer for the first-person action game, Prey, revealing new gameplay elements for the game.

As expected, the Game Awards 2016 is full of joyful celebration of games, developers, and players, and introduces plenty of new trailers and games to the world. One of the most exciting trailers shared during the event was Arkane Studios’ Prey, which gives gamers a small taste of the unique storytelling and gameplay that awaits in the series’ reboot.

The Prey trailer kicks off with a fictional recording of a 1958 Russian satellite repair mission. While working to fix a problem with a satellite, astronauts are attacked by an amorphous black substance that was attached to the hull of their ship. From there, the trailer fast-forwards to 20135 and the Talos I Research Facility, where the events of Prey take place.

Viewers are entreated to the voice of Morgan Yu, Prey’s protagonist, as he shares his vision for the future, where “the people that come after us will be smarter, stronger, immortal” thanks to the actions of Yu and his generation. That brief monologue sets up a compelling bit of action where gamers get a glimpse of the unique gameplay within Prey. Take a look at the trailer below.


Viewers will be quick to note that there’s a lot coming with Arkane StudiosPrey that’s far different from other alien or space-based games. For starters, the alien creatures aren’t the run-of-the-mill green bad guys with lasers, big eyes, and a goofy language. Instead, players will take on beasts that can shape-shift, dart around, and attack players with intimidating fury.

Gamers will also notice that Prey offers some unique gameplay features to help them evade and defeat the creatures aboard the Talos spacecraft. Players can use specialized weapons and skills to create new pathways for traversing the ship, or change their shape into objects like coffee cups in order to get through small gaps or holes around Talos. Additionally, players will make use of the environment around them to help take down enemies and complete their mission.

Unlike other narrative-based games, Prey won’t send players on a linear experience through the ship as the game progresses. Instead, players will make use of the full Talos ship throughout the entire game, with some missions requiring them to revisit previous areas to complete quests. Players will also be able to traverse outside the ship in zero-gravity in order to make use of shortcuts between areas of the research facility.

prey shadow aliens

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For now, Prey has a generic release date of 2017, and is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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