Prey Releases First 35 Minutes of Gameplay


Bethesda Softworks, publisher of the forthcoming science fiction shooter, Prey, has now released video of the first 35 minutes of the title's gameplay online, showcasing some of the abilities players will have as protagonist Morgan Yu. Of course, since the footage details assets from the beginning of the Arkane Studios-developed title, it's important for fans to be aware that the video will be quite spoiler-heavy, for not only does it focus on the outset of the game, but also it contains a fairly sizeable plot reveal that could completely ruin the experience for those wanting to go into it totally fresh, so be warned.

In addition to the faculties and prowess of Morgan Yu, the new video also offers up details about Prey's upgrading and crafting system. Not to mention, it shows the dangers of encountering some of Prey's creepy looking alien shape-shifters that Yu will be up against.

Speaking of the enemies found in Prey, just prior to today's release of the first portion of the title's gameplay, Bethesda put out a video run down that gave an in-depth analysis of the shadow-like baddies' abilities, with the trailer focusing on different alien creature types that players will be fighting aboard the Talos I space station. According to the clip, each Typhon alien species appears to fit a specific role, as mimics have the capacity to shape-shift into most common objects prior to attacking, while phantoms have the ability to shoot kinetic energy, and telepaths being the most dangerous with psychic powers.

Interestingly enough, Prey's protagonist Morgan Yu has been shown using variants of the aforementioned enemies' supernatural abilities, with one appearing to be a Psychic Nullwave that negates the effects of telepaths' strengths. Of course, the ability Prey fans are surely most familiar with is Yu's shape-shifting power similar to that of the mimics, as the main character can morph into practically any object in the game – even toilet paper.

Taking all of this into consideration, with Prey scheduled to release in about a month and a half from now, it seems as if Bethesda and Arkane Studios are simply scratching the surface of what the game has to offer. After all, lots of folks following the title's production process still consider Prey to be a mystery of sorts, leading them to hope that its release will provide an exciting payoff once it hits store shelves.

Prey is set to launch on May 5, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda Softworks – YouTube

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