Prey And Wolfenstein 2 Get VR Modes


Just like last year, Bethesda took a little bit of time on the E3 2018 stage to bring some attention to the company's VR efforts. Although many fans were just tuning in for Fallout 76 and Rage 2 details, they may be leaving with a temptation to check out the upcoming VR experiences in Prey and Wolfenstein 2.

Following last year's Doom and Fallout 4 VR experiences, this year Bethesda is adding new modes to Prey and Wolfenstein 2. Prey will feature both a single player mode and a VR version of the newly announced Typhon mode. Wolfenstein 2's VR mode sounds like it is called Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, where players are a hacker who can take over Nazi robots and turn them against their creators.

At this point, no other details are known about either of the upcoming VR experiences. As release dates, prices, and other details are released; we'll update, so be sure to check back.

There currently is not a release date for the Prey and Wolfenstein 2 VR modes.

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