'Prey 2' Gets Live-Action Trailer and First Details

Prey 2 Trailer and Details

Hot on the heels of a live-action teaser trailer, new details have emerged for Prey 2, the forthcoming sequel to the FPS that blended Native American spirituality with an alien invasion.

Posted on the NeoGAF forums, one subscriber to Game Reactor has unleashed some of the more juicy tidbits, including details on the story and new protagonist.

Probably the most intriguing element taken from the article is the way in which this entry in the series, picked up by Zenimax Media, will inform the events of the first game. Instead of returning to the character of Tommy from the first game, Prey 2puts players in control of bounty hunter Killian Samuels. Tying back into the first game, Prey 2is the Boba Fett side of the story if it were compared to Star Wars.

Like its predecessor, this sequel will also blend first person shooter mechanics, like a Killzone-esque cover system and a free-roaming element ala Mirror’s Edge, with supernatural abilities such as being able to make enemies hover in the air. No word, however, on how these more fantastical elements will be explained — whether they will hearken back to the Native American aspects of the first game or if they are something entirely different.

Graphically speaking, the poster indicated the game looks good, but isn’t going to blow anybody away. The aesthetic of the title is much more like Mass Effect 2 or the film Blade Runner than the first installment. However, with a teaser trailer composed of live-action footage, the verdict is still going to be out until official screens release.


Finally, it is noted that along with releasing in 2012, Prey 2 will not be supporting 3D, Kinect, or Move, and will not feature multiplayer — an odd choice on the part of Human Head Studios. In some respects, Prey 2 is paying homage to its predecessor, but in others it is trying to capture a unique section of the FPS market. We’ll have a better idea how those decisions might pan out as more details emerge.

Are there any fans of the first Prey looking forward to jumping back into that universe? What are some elements that interest you about this sequel? Are there any that disappoint you?

Prey 2will release some time in 2012 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: NeoGAF

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