Among so many other FPS titles being talked about, this one might not be on many gamers’ minds, but Human Head‘s Prey 2 probably deserves your attention. The sequel to the massively underrated Prey seeks to provide a fresh take on the FPS genre in much the same way the first Prey did. However, it’s more of a spiritual successor, as the gameplay that defined the original game has been dropped, and reinvented.

Prey 2 starts at the same time the first game did. This time however, players will be getting a totally different experience, playing from the perspective of Killian Samuels, a U.S. Air Marshall who’s been caught up in an alien attack and now finds himself on an alien world called Exodus. Most of this backstory can be seen in the Prey 2 reveal trailer.

New details on the story of the second game are available, as well as some explanation as to why the developer has decided to abandon the gravity-bending portals that made the first game so intriguing.

“Portals and gravity were functions of The Sphere itself. So, the way we used them there was tied to The Sphere. That is not part of Prey 2.”

Those are the words of Human Head co-founder and Prey 2 project lead, Chris Reinhart. He continued to describe the team’s goals for Prey 2.

“We wanted to take players to some place new again and have them experience something new in the world. That was a big thing with Prey. We took players to The Sphere and gave them gameplay they hadn’t seen before in a first-person shooter, although afterwards I had a number of people come up and talk to me and say, ‘This is interesting, why has someone not done this before in a game?’ We want the exact same thing with Prey 2. “When people see this and they play the open world shooter we’ve created, using the different gadgets and player abilities, I want people to come up to me afterwards and say, ‘This is interesting, why did someone not do this before?”

While some people may be disappointed that the portals don’t appear to be making a return in this game, you shouldn’t worry. Reinhart is committed to bringing us a unique FPS, and that means, staying true to the spirit of Prey, if not delivering the exact same experience.

Part of the new experience is a flashy new open world. Human Head readily admits the Blade Runner influence on the game’s environments, and one can easily see the stylistic cues from the 1982 cult classic in several of the screenshots. Bright neon lights, massive skyscrapers, flying cars, dark skies, and a layer of grime all contribute to pulling off a distinctly cyberpunk setting.

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