Prey : Mooncrash DLC And Free Update Announced

The Bethesda E3 2018 press conference is over and the Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher has given fans a lot to think over. From a new Doom title to more information on Fallout 76but something people might have missed during the conference was some new content for a previous popular Bethesda published game, Prey.

During the conference, Bethesda and the team at Arkane Studios announced not only a new free update for the game but also a new DLC called Mooncrash. The free game update adds in a survival mode to the already available Story and New game plus. Best of all, both the DLC and update are available now for Prey fans to enjoy. Take a look below.

The new Mooncrash expansion will, as one might have guessed, take place on the moon, confirming recent rumors and some tweets sent out by Arkane Studios earlier in the year. From what can be gathered, the DLC will introduce a new type of gameplay that attempts to make the game infinitely replayable. Basically, every time you play through the enemies and loots will always be different.

That wasn't the only Prey related content Arkane Studios had to show at the conference though. This summer, fans will see the release of Prey: Typhon Hunter. The mode will see one player go up against five other players who play as mimics, the shape-shifting enemies of the game. The goal of the mode is to go undetected by the one human player by disguising themselves as common items like chairs or pot plants. The mode isn't dissimilar to the popular PropHunt Mod for Garry's Mod.

It's really cool to see Arkane Studios and Bethesda continue to deliver such interesting content for fans, particularly when the content is this focused on making sure the game doesn't get old for fans who still enjoy it. It's not many studios that would continue to work so hard on an older title, especially if some of what they were releasing is free but Arkane Studios appears to really be invested in the world of the game. Hopefully, that means a sequel isn't far away.

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Prey is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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