More Prey 2 Gameplay Footage Surfaces from Cancelled Game

game art for cancelled title prey 2

2006's Prey was a fairly popular new IP published by 2K Games, with a sequel, Prey 2, confirmed just a few months after release. After development began in 2009 following the purchase of IP rights by ZeniMax Media, Prey 2 was quietly abandoned for years and formally canceled in 2014 by Bethesda Softworks. However, the original title was rebooted for 2017's Prey - but that still doesn't leave players intrigued by what could've been.

Andrew Borman, a Digital Games Curator at the Museum of Play, was sent a 1-minute clip from Human Head Games, the original developers of Prey 2, that features gameplay of a mission from the canceled title. The clip starts off with a cutscene of the player looking at what appears to be a coin or badge, which may have been a plot point in the game's story (which was revealed to have an incredible plot twist). The player character then flips the coin and catches it before the cutscene ends and cuts to gameplay.

The protagonist then equips what the game describes as a "Rachael" pistol, dropping down off the building and opening fire on various enemies and NPCs. Notably, the futuristic setting brings more vivid colors and bright, immersive gunplay between the player and aliens.

The video becomes a montage of the player using a wide collection of weapons, including a sub-machine gun named the "Liberator" that's equipped with a red-dot sight, and a sniper rifle nicknamed the "C71 - Dispatcher" which the player reloads. The reloading animations look polished and clean, which shows how far Prey 2 had come during its development before the game was canceled.

The video also highlights some movement controls - when the player crouches behind a box to regenerate their health, they can point their weapon over the cover and hip fire at enemies. The game also displays a prompt with buttons to stand up, but also vault. The element of vaulting might have been the basis of a possible climbing or revamped movement system, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Borman "still [looks] forward to the day [he] has more to share" about Prey 2 - yet clarifies that "[Prey 2] has nothing to do" with his job, and that the video was just "some neat footage" that was sent his way from Human Head Studios.

Prey 2 is a canceled title from Human Head Studios, published by Bethesda Software.

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