Rumor Patrol: 'Prey 2' Cancelled; Further Info Next Week

Prey 2 Cancellation Rumor

Prey 2 was revealed almost a year ago, but up until now we've heard almost nothing about the game. Unfortunately, we may now have a reason: the game is said to be cancelled. Bethesda has yet to confirm the cancellation of Prey 2 but we'll supposedly hear more next week.

It is being said that Bethesda will release an official statement next week regarding the status of Human Heads' upcoming shooter. Unfortunately the publisher is not willing to comment at this time. Hopefully "not willing to comment" means "Oh, we've just been saving up a whole bunch of cool stuff to show you" as opposed to preparing for a cancellation confirmation.

Word of the cancellation came from Netherland-based site PSFocus, who are said to have received the news from a reliable source.

The first Prey was filled with exotic weaponry and haunting environments, not to mention a Native American protagonist, all of which made for a unique and intriguing shooter. From what we saw at E3 2011, Prey 2 was coming along pretty nicely, making one wonder why they would suddenly just halt production. It's not as if many Bethesda owned properties performed poorly in recent months. Perhaps Bethesda and Zenimx just felt the title wouldn't be up to snuff or that it wouldn't perform well at retail?

Prey 2 Game Play

As a fan of the first game, my nerves are a bit shaken, but this does sound a tad similar to the STALKER 2 scenario from last year. STALKER 2 was said to be cancelled, and after silence from developer GSC Game World, it  was revealed that the title was still in development. Hopefully it is a similar case for Prey 2 and they've just hit a bit of speed bump in development - rather than a full on collision with a brick wall. It's also possible that Prey 2 is in a similar situation as Spec Ops: The Line. The Yager developed game pretty much dropped off the map for a few years before returning with stunning results. Perhaps Prey 2's undergone a transformation of its own?

Prey 2 is in development for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, to release sometime this year. Unless it's cancelled.


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Source: PSFocus (Via VG247)

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