Prey 2 Audio Logs Reveal Tommy's Fate

prey 2 fate of tommy

The original Prey exemplified what the future of gaming would look like when it released in 2006. The game was successful enough to justify a direct sequel, Prey 2, but the sequel was never released. However, some newly uncovered audio logs shed light on what the new story could have entailed.

Fans of Arcane Studio’s 2017 Prey title might not know that the Prey IP came from a very different lineage. The original title was a far more linear, portal jumping, gravity defying, spaceship faring, and alien killing first-person shooter that didn’t include the immersive sim or possession elements of the latest entry. The game had a Blade Runner-style sequel in development with Prey 2, but when Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax purchased the rights to the series, it canned the sequel and rebooted the franchise.

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Now, thanks to digital games curator Andrew Borman, who shared some unreleased Prey 2 gameplay last year, fans of the original Prey have gotten a glimpse of what may have happened to the game’s main character, Tommy, via some recorded audio logs. The logs come from the perspective of Killian Samuels who would have served as the protagonist for the sequel.

In the original game, the main character Tommy owns a bar. The bar gets destroyed when an alien spaceship sucks it up along with Tommy and some of his friends. Tommy fights his way through the ship and escapes, but in the process, Tommy's girlfriend Jen dies. The game's finale shows Tommy in a rebuilt bar going back to his regular life. A human refugee he rescued from the ship shows up and takes him through another portal. The game ends on this cliffhanger.

The audio logs paint an interesting picture of what fans could have expected from the sequel. Prey 2 protagonist Killian Samuels talks being the long human on a planet called Exodus. He mentions slavers, and that only he had avoided their grasp. It sounds like the game would have featured Killian running around a hostile alien planet fighting for his survival, and the 2011 Prey 2 trailer supports that.

Tommy doesn’t show up in that trailer, and fans of the original Prey have wondered why. Some of the developers of Prey 2 hinted at Tommy's role, but never offered much more. The audio logs give fans a taste of his fate, and imply that Tommy and Killian would have teamed up in the sequel.

According to Killian, Tommy spent his time between the games hopping from planet to planet in order to take down the alien race that abducted him and killed Jen. Tommy had tracked them to Exodus, and hoped to take them down for good. The audio logs imply that Tommy’s powers from the first game would still come into play. According to Killian, Tommy mentions his ability to send a spirit from his body, but Killian doesn’t believe it.

The audio logs provide a few other little tidbits about the unreleased game. For fans of the first Prey, they are worth listening to. Now that the Prey license has moved on, this sequel will almost certainly never see the light of day. Which is a bummer, because Prey 2's story sounds like it had potential.

Prey 2 was in development for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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Source: IGN

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