Fallout: New Vegas Pre-Orders Offer Instant Customization

Having enough trouble figuring out what gear you're gonna bring with you while traversing the Mojave Wastelands of Fallout: New Vegas? Well it's time to re-think once more as Best Buy, GameStop, Steam, Amazon and Walmart are all releasing their own pre-order packages for the post-apocalyptic simulator.

This of course is in addition to the goodies you'll receive from pre-ordering the Collector's Edition.

There are four packages being offered from the different outlets, all with their own theme:

GameStop's "Classic Pack" includes:

Amazon's "Tribal Pack" includes:

Steam and Wal-Mart's "Caravan Pack" includes:

Best Buy's "Mercenary Pack" includes:

I really like the idea that through pre-ordering at different locations you can tailor your character's equipment to fit your needs from the start, rather than trying to blast your first few Rad Roaches with a BB Gun.

The series' focus on complete character customization is one of the things that makes it so enjoyable to play and re-play. The only thing that makes me a little skeptical about the choices they've provided comes down to the fact that all these seem like easy to obtain items. Most of this stuff you're liable to find in your first foray into the game, whether it be in the wasteland or spelunking through some abandoned building.

Personally I would rather see them put a little more effort to gain my pre-order money. How about exclusive costumes or items that are not actually in the game instead of just superficially modified versions of things that you can find in the first few minutes of your adventure?

What do you guys think? Worth the 5-10 bucks, or just another way for them to try and get your money?

Fallout: New Vegas is due out in October.

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