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The Sony E3 2014 press conference last night had an interesting pace that kicked off with some crazy Destiny action then shifted things down a notch in the middle before returning to the big guns at the end for an Uncharted 4 trailer. Although many gamers ended up complaining about the shift away from playable content during the middle of the conference, comic fans in the crowd experienced a moment nearly a decade in the making when Brian Michael Bendis took the stage to reveal some big news.

Bendis (author of Ultimate Spider-Man, Age of Ultron, and many other iconic comic series) seems to finally have brought a film adaptation of his superhero detective story, Powers, out of development hell. The series lost its way at FX after the pilot was shot, but it seems like a new spin on the Bendis/Oeming created story is back on track thanks to Sony.

Bendis confirmed that Powers will arrive on PlayStation Network this December. The series premiere will air free of charge to all PlayStation Network users and PS Plus subscribers will have access to the whole first season without addition fees.

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Powers will follow the television drama format and air one-hour long episodes. The creative team assembled by Sony includes crime novelist Charlie Huston and the producer of Falling Skies, Remi Aubuchon. Bendis didn't reveal any casting yet, but promised lots of news on that front throughout the rest of the summer. Although fans of the comic would probably have loved to see Sony march some actors and actresses onto the stage, it was probably best for the majority of the audience that the Powers segement of the evening wrapped up when it did.

With a December release date not really all that far off, we'll be hoping to see at least a teaser trailer at San Diego Comic Con this summer. Bendis retired from attending cons a few years back, but maybe a reveal like that could bring him back to the scene.

If you haven't read the Powers comics, we highly recommend checking them out. The series started at Image Comics, but is currently in print through Marvel's Icon line of books.

Were you excited to hear about Powers or did you think the Sony presentation lost its way when it moved away from gaming announcements? Let us know in the comments.

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