Watch Every Power Rangers TV Episode During Twitch Marathon

power rangers tv marathon

In celebration of the release of the Power Rangers movie later this month, Twitch is hosting a marathon of every Power Rangers TV show episode. In total, Twitch will be showing 831 episodes of Power Rangers, starting with the show’s English-dubbed beginnings and leading into some of its more out-there iterations.

Starting early Monday morning and running for close to 300 hours, the marathon will give gamers a chance to reminisce about the heyday of Saturday morning live-action Japanese imports, while preparing for the cinematic reboot on March 24th. Thus far, more than 50,000 concurrent viewers have kept an eye on the Power Rangers TV stream, as the original rangers gain their powers and face off against Rita Repulsa.

It will be interesting to see how many Twitch viewers stick with the Power Rangers stream the further the marathon goes. For most fans, the first few seasons are widely regarded as the best - at least through rose-colored glasses - but once the series lost its original cast and introduced things like space and vehicle Zords, the interest waned.

Some might even be surprised to learn that Power Rangers is still going - its latest iteration, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, kicked off earlier this year. There are 24 seasons of Power Rangers thus far, and a few include surprise appearances by characters from the series' past.

power rangers ninja steel

Still, Power Rangers has its fair share of fans and this Twitch stream offers a unique opportunity to reminisce. It’s also yet another opportunity for Twitch to show it’s more than just a gameplay streaming service.

To be fair, gaming streams, particularly those in League of Legends and Dota 2, are still Twitch’s bread and butter, but the service has grown to include a wide variety of content as well. From live chats in the IRL directory to full streams of Bob Ross painting episodes, Twitch has become a source of entertainment that’s varied and unique.

When Amazon first bought Twitch for close to $1 billion, it appeared that the online retailer turned entertainment juggernaut wanted to expand the brand beyond what it was known for. And slowly but surely those presumptions came to fruition. Enjoy Power Rangers in all its cheesy glory!

Watch the full Power Rangers marathon on Twitch.

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