Any kid who grew up in the ’90s will most likely remember the show called Power Rangers. It featured a group of teenagers dressing up in brightly coloured outfits to fight monsters sent by an evil witch who lived on the moon, and it was awesome… for a limited amount of time.

Power Rangers had martial arts, cool weapons, weird monsters and giant robots so naturally, it was a hit back in the day. The series has gone through its ups and its downs, but it’s still going on in one form or another, even to this day. A show with as vast and unique a history as this one would be prime for a video game adaptation, and it now appears as though we’ll be getting just that.

The Power Rangers MMO¬†will be released in Korea, published by Ntreev Soft, known for creating Pangya, and Daewon Media. It will be developed by IRONNOS, creators of Crimson Gem Saga. It will be a side-scrolling action MMO, not unlike Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter Online. A closed beta is said to be on its way in the near future, with a full release by the end of the year.

Beyond that, we don’t know much about the game. We don’t know what series will be the basis for it or how far it will stray from said source. We don’t even know if it will really be a Power Rangers game. Korea has had both the Americanized Power Rangers and the Japanese original Super Sentai broadcast there, so the game could take either series as the template for the game. While some would argue whether or not that matters, the two series are different from each other, and choosing one over the other could affect how people view the game.

You may be wondering why this matters, if the game is going to be released in Korea. Ntreev Soft does have an American branch, and it wouldn’t be the first time that a Korean game was adapted for western release (see Nexon). Not only that, but Power Rangers is still going on today, and it does have its devoted fanbase. It’s safe to say that, if done right, the game would sell very well.

Can the side-scrolling aspect work for a modern-day Power Rangers game?

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