Power A Lineup for 2011 Preview

For those not in “the know,” Power A is a company that specializes in the design of third party video game accessories. Anything from Pokemon-themed DS cases to LEGO Wii Remotes are all created by Power A, but they also have original products on top of all of their licensed ones.

When news broke that Power A was going to be at E3 2011, Game Rant decided to check out what video game accessories players would have to look forward to later this year, and after going hands-on with a majority of all the items from Power A, it’s easy to say that gamers won’t be disappointed.

The main focal point of Power A’s 2011 lineup is easily the Batarang controller. Warner Bros and Power A have teamed up to release a pair of official Batman Arkham City controllers in time for the game’s release later this year.

The controllers themselves have been designed after the classic Batarang weapon that Batman himself uses. The best part? They feature an ergonomic grip — making them quite comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The controllers also have seven different LED lights in them and, by hitting a button, gamers can choose which color they’d like to have emit from the controller.

Power A Batman Arkham City Controller

Another product that should have especially sweaty gamers happy is Power A’s new Air Flo controller. After briefly looking at the controller some may be disappointed to learn that it has to be plugged into a PS3 or Xbox 360 via its 9.8 ft USB cable – but after the controller is turned-on it all makes sense. There are actually vents on the peripheral, and these babies are capable of pumping up to 3.4 cubic feet of air every 60 seconds. If that wasn’t enough, they also have LED lights that are similar to the previously mentioned Batarang controller, which can be used to give the controller a nice custom feel.

The Mini Pro controllers made a big splash too, and they were available in two different variations. The Xbox 360 will receive the Mini Pro Ex: a smaller version of the Xbox 360 remote with LED lights that make the buttons glow with a USB connection cord. PlayStation 3 owners will be getting the Mini Pro Elite Wireless: which has essentially all of the same features as the Mini Pro Ex — along with wireless. These controllers seemed perfect for smaller kids who were just getting in to gaming – and the fact that the Mini Pro Ex will retail for nearly half the cost of a regular controller also seemed like a great incentive.

Power A Wii Remote Controllers

However, Power A wasn’t going to leave out Wii owners – and showed-off what seemed like their coolest controller currently in their upcoming arsenal. The Pro Pack Mini Plus controller package for the Nintendo Wii was without a doubt the comfiest controller that anyone can and will ever hold in their lives. It actually feels like silky smooth every time you waggle the remote. The remote itself is also 20% smaller than a regular Wii controller, and the fact that the buttons can also change color is a nice touch. The Pro Pack Mini Plus actually has its version of the WiiMotion Plus built-in and it comes packed alongside a super-soft nunchuck too, so for $40 it’s a pretty good deal.

The final product that portable enthusiasts are sure to love is the new Stereo Chat Headset for the Nintendo 3DS. This headset is designed for portable gaming, and that much is made obvious – once you see the device fold up. The headset is the over-ear variety, and can be folded completely flat in order to get tucked away and carried anywhere. There is also has a detachable mic boom on the headset, and while this seems like a great idea, it’s easy to imagine it’ll get lost. That said, the headset it’s pretty comfy and seems like a solid option for 3DS owners. Now if only there were more online games with voice chat on the handheld.

I have to admit that I was never that keen on using third party controllers, but Power A has really gotten me excited for some of their new accessories. Most of the previously mentioned accessories above won’t be available until Fall 2011, but they are worth the wait — especially the Pro Pack Mini Plus.

If you want to check out Power A and some of their other products then check out their official site.

What do you think about the new controllers and mic from Power A? Does the Batman Arkham City Batarang controller sound like something you’ll pick-up?

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