Here's What Happens When a Porter NPC Meets a BT in Death Stranding

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Hideo Kojima's latest game, Death Stranding, has been fairly divisive with the community due to its unique gameplay moments. Even still, the game has managed to foster a tight knit community not only willing to help through its unique multiplayer mechanics, but on social media and websites like Reddit. One again, the community has found another interesting moment in Kojima's expansive title.

The latest discovery once again comes from the Death Stranding subreddit where one user managed to capture an event between NPC characters. Climbing a snowy mountain, a user named JSkondro witnessed an NPC delivery person called a Porter getting captured and then consumed by the BT enemies within the game. The result from this encounter is a voidout explosion, unfortunately killing the player as well.

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In Death Stranding terms, a voidout is a massive explosion caused by the BT's antimatter interacting with the living thing's normal matter. Typically in these situations, the resulting explosion creates a crater, with some voidouts even being able to level entire cities. In this case, however, no crater was left behind and the player was forced to reload his last save due to his proximity to the detonation instead.

The Death Stranding community has had no shortage of amazing moments, fan created work, and handy tips for overcoming the unique experience. The multiplayer elements inside of the game foster collaboration and community, even if players can't physically play together. In addition to liking player creations or helping fulfill lost deliveries, players have been able to craft some incredible in-game structures including a massive road one player created that required 40 parts and over 84k materials. Although expensive, it no doubt helped many players attempting to cross the dangerous landscape.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4, and will be out on PC in Summer 2020.

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Source: Reddit

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