Whilst playing through Portal 2 did you find yourself wishing you had your own version of Wheatley to guide your through your escape from Aperture science? If so, one Portal 2 fan has made just the thing for you: a painstakingly recreated version of the spritely robot, with video to prove it really works.

Included with the video of the puppet in action — including ten classic phrases captured from the game — is an intense chronicle of how this animatronic Wheatley was made. There are fans of Portal and Portal 2 who might have wished they had their own real-life version of Wheatley, or GlaDOS, but actually going out and making it happen certainly has to be commended.

Even though this Wheatley puppet doesn’t come with the personality or the actual voice of Wheatley (Stephen Merchant), it’s hard not to be impressed by the craftsmanship on display. While GlaDOS certainly steals the show in both of Valve‘s Portal titles, Wheatley was a much more engaging side character than many gamers were expecting.

Requiring almost five months of work, a couple foam molds, a ton of odds and ends, and a whole lot of wiring, this Wheatley puppet is one of the more impressive pieces of video game fandom on display. The fact that the game is one of the standouts from 2011 thus far only makes this puppet creation that much more worth checking out.


Props certainly go out to the creator — whose blog about building Wheatley can be found here — and we hope that they have big things planned for their Wheatley puppet in the future. Might I recommend a travelling recreation of Portal 2 in puppet form, perhaps even with an encore featuring co-op campaign robots Atlas and P-Body.

If this Wheatley puppet were available for purchase would you be interested? How does Wheatley rank on your list of entertaining robots in entertainment?

Source: Furin Cosplay Blog