'Portal 2' TV Spot Released

Valve Releases Portal 2 TV Spot

Portal 2 is expected to be one of the gaming industry's biggest titles this year as it bring back protagonist Chell in another battle against the incredibly devious and ultimately hilarious AI GLaDOS. Also joining Chell will be her new companion Wheatley, one of GLaDOS' former personality cores, and a character who will no doubt become a quick fan favorite.

Last week at PAX East we got a glimpse of the early sections of Portal 2 and were impressed by Valve's dedication to improve the already amazing story-telling of the first game. If we weren't before then, we are now more than ever convinced that this title will live up to the legacy created by the original.

Valve must be pretty confident in its latest title, as its already begun running a TV spot in preparation for the impending release of the highly anticipated game.


The TV spot doesn't show any gameplay or focus on either Chell or GLaDOS, but instead focuses on the two robots that players will take control of in the multiplayer co-op component of the game. The overall feel of the trailer is very "kiddish" which may imply that Valve is trying to reach a younger gaming audience with its two new Portal mascots and the game's Everyone 10+ ESRB rating.

Co-op gameplay will require an incredible amount of coordination between the two players playing together, especially if they hope to compete for best times on the online leaderboards. Hopefully the multiplayer levels will match the style of Portal 2's single player campaign, which Valve has said was designed to require less ninja-twitch skills to complete.

If that wasn't enough, user-made levels will add a dimension of re-playability that could keep Portal 2 going well into the future. As players think of more absurd and no doubt frustrating ways to challenge each other, they will be able to share those challenges with other players. The modding tools will only be available for the PC, but the user made maps are allegedly going to be playable on consoles, as well.

Portal 2 is going to get you thinking with portals once again when it launches for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Mac on April 20, 2011.

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