'Portal 2' Trailer Shows Everything is Better With a Friend

Portal 2 Trailer

Developer Valve has always been known for their sense of humor. While some of their titles might not reflect that, one that certainly does is Portal.

With Portal 2 releasing in spring of next year, the developer took to the new hot venue, the Spike VGAs, to win the title of most anticipated game of 2011 and unveil a new trailer that introduces us to the stars of the co-op section of the game. Move over GlaDOS, because you have new challengers.

Co-op is the newest element to be introduced to the Portal world and, from how Valve is pitching it, it looks to be just as innovative as the single player. No name has been unveiled for the stars of the co-op but they certainly have their own unique personalities.

Check out the new dynamic duo in action:

While the trailer didn’t showcase any actual gameplay footage, something that Valve has shown us before, what it did showcase was the Portal style of humor. As the two Aperture robots interact with both each other and their robotic creators gamers were able to see that Aperture isn’t only about making homicidal creations.

This was more of a treat for gamers than something to show off the innovations Valve has brought to the title, but that’s just fine by us. With the game being recently delayed until April, there are still plenty more opportunities for Valve to give gamers a better look at the game.

Which Aperture creation are you going to play as: the squattier blue robot or the lankier orange robot?

Portal 2 is releases April 20, 2011 for the PS3, PC, Mac, and Xbox 360. Check out all of the new trailers and more from the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards and follow us on Twitter @GameRant.

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