Portal 2 & Steam on PlayStation 3 Explained

How to use Steam on PS3

There are three major games releasing next week, but without a doubt, Portal 2 is the most innovative and unique of the group (the others of course being Mortal Kombat and SOCOM 4).

Outside of its neat story and standalone co-op adventure, Portal 2 is allowing multi-platform gameplay through Valve's Steam service. PS3 players will actually be able to play online with PC gamers. If you're curious how this will work and how to set this up, read on.

Unfortunately, Microsoft said no to Valve's Steam cross-platform play, but for those of you playing it on the other consoles, you have the opportunity to enjoy the brand new and innovative feature.

While playing Portal 2 on the PS3, simply pressing the 'Select' button brings up your Steam menu where you can view your Steam friends list, earn Steam achievements (same as Trophies) and play with Steam users on PC or Mac.

To link your PSN account to your Steam one, simply follow the login instructions when you access the Steam menu. It'll prompt you to login with your PSN account then it'll let you create or sign-in with an existing Steam ID.

What's really cool is that if you purchase Portal 2 on PS3, you get with it a digital download code that will let you download Portal 2 on your PC or Mac to play as well! It's a one-time code and you cannot install off the disc. It's strictly for downloading through Steam onto your ID.

Steam on PS3 also allows Portal 2 players to access the Steam Cloud service so gamers can transfer their saves and settings anywhere!

For detailed instructions, features, along with helpful screenshots of how to setup and use Portal 2 and Steam on the PS3, head to the official Steam support site.

We're very excited about Valve's work towards integrating the multiplayer market in this way and allowing gamers to play across PC, Mac and PS3. It's a real shame that Microsoft didn't jump in on this as it's hopefully paving the way to the future of online gaming. Multiplatform titles should let users play together. It's the same game.


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Portal 2 will be released on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac on April 19, 2011.

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