Portal 2 Coming February 9th, Pre-Order Cake Yet to be Announced

Portal 2 multiplayer trailer

Chances are if you love video games, you are probably in some way excited for Valve's Portal 2. Whether it is the 'Still Alive' song from the first game's credits, or videos of fans with their own Portal gun, it is hard to not see the influence of Valve's Portal on the gaming community. For those of us eager to get our hands back on the Portal gun, we finally have some good news from Valve, a release date. After a few teases and one delay Valve confirmed today that we will be able to continue Chell's quest to escape GLaDOS on February 9th, 2011.

Set 100 years after the events of Portal, the sequel finds the Aperture Science labs decayed and overrun by nature. GLaDOS is soon awakens from her dormant state, calls Chell a murderer, and starts rebuilding the Aperture labs. GLaDOS informs Chell: "I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster.", and once again starts putting her through more trials and tests.

From what we have seen from the released gameplay videos, Portal 2 seems to consist of the Portal gameplay we know and love just fleshed out with more content. New toys like Propulsion and Repulsion Gel appear to add some interesting mechanics to the game. I am looking forward to the creative ways Valve will have us using these new abilities to navigate the Aperture facilities.


With the promise of a longer game and the addition of multiplayer cooperative play, Portal 2 could end up being one of next year's most popular games. With the love the first game received combined with Valve's track record of keeping their fans happy and making top quality products, we hopefully will not be disappointed.

Portal 2, developed by Valve, will release on February 9th for PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam. The first part of 2011 is starting to look a little crowded, but I don't think Portal 2 will have any trouble standing out from the pack. So Ranters, who is excited about Portal 2?

Sources: CVG

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