Valve Announces 'Portal 2' Preorders With Valentine's Day Video

Portal 2 Valentines Day Preorder Video

Valentine's Day is in full swing and no one wants to bring you more love than Valve. Gone away are the flowers you know will wither and die, or the chocolates that will be consumed within minutes. This Valentine's Day give the gift that will last a lifetime (hopefully) by sending them this Portal 2 video released by Valve to celebrate everyone's favorite love-day.

Portal 2 is expected to make everyone drool with sheer glee as it puts players back to the shoes of Chell as she returns to the Aperture Science facility for another confrontation with GLaDOS.

With the ability to create user made levels on all platforms, and an all new co-op mode, Portal 2 is sure to be a game that we'll be hearing about well after its release. Here at Game Rant, we're very excited about its release and we even ranked it as one of our most anticipated games of 2011.

Take a look at the Portal 2 Valentine's Day pre-order video:


The best part was at the end, when video said, "FACT: Portal 2 is available for pre-order now." Players can preorder the game now at While you're at the site you can also go to the Portal 2 blog and download some Portal 2 Valentine's Day cards courtesy of our friends at Valve, who also offered this advice to would be wooers:

In just seventy-two short hours it'll be Valentine's Day, and that means pressure: finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, for one, then figuring out the perfect romantic gift to give them.

We're going to help you with the "perfect romantic gift" part Monday, but first things first: let's bag you a Valentine!

How? With Aperture Science "Classy Romance"-brand Valentine's Day cards. They express a wide variety of today's most popular emotions. And you can print them, on an even wider variety of flat surfaces, from paper to sexy edible paper. Then you can mail them, using a preposterously wide variety of envelopes and stamps.

"Mail?" you're thinking. "Do people still use that?" No. That's why it's so romantic: because if your entire plan to win over your Valentine's heart is sending them an email, why not just text them? In fact, why not just think it, alone, in a restaurant, on Valentine's Day? Maybe your waiter will feel sorry for you and mail you one of these dynamite Valentines.

For a preview of some of the cards, just check out our Valentine's Day gallery:

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Sweet, aren't they? Are you going to be getting your sweetheart the gift he or she will always love you for by pre-ordering Portal 2 today?

The love of Portal 2 will be coming to PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Mac on April 20, 2011.

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