If there’s one thing we love, it’s being shown that a game we think we know inside and out is in fact far beyond our child-like understandings. By now many of you have likely played your way through the puzzles and death-defying leaps of Portal 2, and hopefully taken a look at the first video of insane cube tricks. In case one video wasn’t enough to get you experimenting yourself, another video has arrived to make sure of it.

The mind-numbing leaps and cube tosses are the work of YouTube user ‘schrobotindisguise,’ a Portal 2 player with a taste for theatricality in even the most mundane aspects of puzzle-solving.

The previous video seems to have won the intrepid test subject some attention, so they’ve been kind enough to release a second dose.

Many of the Portal 2 videos that you may be familiar with are speed runs or secret hidden rooms, but these are quite different. Rather than trying to beat a level as fast as possible, the tricks in this video are designed to simply make the task a bit flashier, and requiring some serious concentration and memory.

The feats speak for themselves, so have a look. And if you have absolutely no idea how some of the tricks are being pulled off, don’t worry. That’s the right reaction to have:


There’s no shortage of human yo-yoing and crafty portal-hopping going on, but what stands out more than anything is just how many solutions there are to seemingly straightforward problems. While some might see jumping off of a tumbling block as cheating, the fact is that the test chambers are just being solved using the tools at hand.

Perhaps before trying to build Portal 2 levels yourself, we should all spend a bit more time in the game’s playground of physics and boxes. Apparently ‘schrobotindisguise’ is going to continue experimenting through the rest of the campaign, so we can look forward to even more mind-blowing stunts and casual box-tosses.

Does this video get your own imagination going, or are the feats too far above your head to grasp? Does this encourage you to try a few more things in any other open world games?

Portal 2 is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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