Looking to use and abuse a companion cube in your very own Aperture Science test chamber from the comfort of your own home? Well that dream may become a reality (albeit on a miniature scale). A small team of LEGO fanatics known as Team Jigsaw has created a LEGO set, titled Thinking With Portals!, based upon the world of Portal 2, and submitted it to LEGO Cuusoo. Review and potential production of the set now lies in the hands of gamers and LEGO fans alike.

Nothing is set in stone right now concerning the set actually being produced, but if the fan reaction to the Minecraft LEGO set is any indication, the Portal 2 LEGO set should have no trouble gaining the 10,000 votes (as of this writing the project currently has 5,460 votes with the number of increasing steadily) needed for LEGO to fully review the concept. LEGO even went so far as to issue a statement congratulating Team Jigsaw for reaching the halfway point of votes needed. While the statement did not promise anything regarding the production of a concept model, they did promise to serve cake – which should count for something.

Dear Team Jigsaw,

Congratulations on quickly passing this milestone of 5,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO for the Thinking in Portals project! You’re halfway there!

You did a wonderful job of capturing the Portal environment and characters with your renderings in this project. We also like how you have presented several possible concepts for sets that capture the essence of the game.

Note that as a part of our move to streamline the review process, we will not be producing concept models for projects before the review. However, at that time we will serve cake.

Best wishes as you continue on your journey to achieving 10,000 supporters.


The development of these toys is truly a labor of love, as folks from Team Jigsaw really went out of their way to ensure that fans of Portal 2 would have all they need in these sets. The various sets include Chell and Wheatly figures, a portal gun, sentry turrets, a weighted storage cube, GLaDos, and the infamous potato. Any crazy Portal 2 adventure imaginable will be possible thanks Jigsaw’s attention to detail and genuine devotion to the series.

You can head directly to the Thinking With Portals! page on LEGO Cuusoo to check out all of the concepts for the set and cast your vote.

Source: LEGO Cuusoo