Portal 2 Gameplay Videos, For Science!

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E3 was exciting for pretty much every type of gamer out there this year, giving players of every genre something new to look forward to. Valve's new gameplay videos of fan fan favorite Portal 2 are no different, showcasing many different game-changing additions to the franchise.

The new toys available in Portal 2 came outlined in a series of videos, each with hilarious slideshow type openings which explain the origins of what they meant for the research and how it actually ended up working instead. From anti-gravity asbestos corridors to sticky blue accelerant gel - they definitely included their twisted, off-kilter sense of humor into each one and I love it.

The series of Portal 2 videos begin with an introduction to your new sidekick and trusty Personality Sphere Wheatley, whose horrible fear of death comes from built-in programming making him think that detachment equals destruction.


I love the addition of this character, as he is like having your own R2-D2 with the voice of a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy cast member. As you can also plainly see, GLaDOS is back and not what I would call happy about your return. Unless looking forward to carefully plotted revenge counts as happy now.


"Asbestos is harmless!" is a trademark of Aperture Science dba Aperture Laboratories.


Portal 2 pushes players to move around much more, giving you a sense of pride through accuracy, yet still making you feel like you're not 100% in control.


Lasers, *ahem* excuse me, Thermal Discouragement beams. Meh, been done before. However, I love the little screams of horror coming from the automated turrets. "OoW! It burns." Priceless.


I'm actually kind of hoping they have more planned for this gimmick, as it doesn't really seem to add much to the gameplay in this video other than a neat little tech trick to show off at E3. It could be a fun way to get from room to room or transport ungrabbable objects.


Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy! The advanced applications of this former "diet gel" is really gonna be fun (depending on your accuracy and patience, of course). Bouncing off of walls Science Ninja style!


This is where they bring it home. The propulsion gel is only natural, as they already set up this paint dispersal system in the game and it would be a shame to only give it one outlet in the repulsion gel. The ending speech is what gets my juices flowing though. Hearing GLaDOS slowly build up to how much fun she is going to have killing you, for science, is to me what made this game what it is.

There are plenty of gimmicky shooters out there, but the charm and acerbic wit shown in the characters here are what sets Portal apart from the competition and made it a cult phenomenon in the first place.

So, this sums out what Valve showed Game Rant's E3 2010 away team in their private demo. Now that you've seen it all, what are you guys and gals most excited about in Portal 2? How do you feel about the addition of Wheatley?

Portal 2 is due for a 2011 release on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and OSx.

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