Resident Evil Vendor Sells Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich in Funny Art

Oftentimes, gamers on the internet are very capable of making hilarious and ridiculous art, parodying the game or inserting parodied entities into the game. Resident Evil and Popeyes were the subjects of recent fan art depicting a Resident Evil 4 character selling Popeyes food.

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In some fan art from Twitter user BossLogic, Resident Evil, one of the scariest horror franchises of all-time, was crossed with the Popeyes fast-food chain to create a resonating depiction of a shady salesman selling Popeyes chicken sandwiches. It resonates for multiple reasons, though above all, it resonates due to the restaurant's recent chicken sandwich special that came and went as a result of brilliant marketing and expert social media banter with Chick-fil-A.

In the fan art above, the iconic salesman from Resident Evil 4, recently released on Nintendo Switch, can be seen holding open the left side of his coat, revealing two Popeyes chicken sandwiches. As the chicken sandwiches sold out insanely fast, it would seem appropriate that this salesman who operates in the black market would sell the sandwich. After all, one of his most uttered lines from Resident Evil 4 is: "Got some rare things on sale, stranger." Given the rarity of the chicken sandwich, it's no surprise he's selling it in this fan art.

Less remarkably about this image is that it recalls the "Jill Sandwich" incident from the first Resident Evil. In the first title, S.T.A.R.S. member Barry Burton tells Jill she would have been turned into a "Jill Sandwich" had she not been saved from nearly being crushed by a descending ceiling. The scene is corny and comedic by today's standards, often heralded as one of the cheesiest lines in all of gaming. As such, this fan art sort of recalls that line.

This makes one wonder about the other types of fan art out there regarding Popeyes. It is such a popular chain that its sandwich selling out could have easily spurred a number of similar fan art images. At the moment, this is the most prominent for its combination of two recognizable brands.

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