Polk Audio Striker ZX Gaming Headset Review

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When it comes to gaming-related audio (speakers, headphones, etc.) there are dozens of brands out there for games to choose from, many of which cater to specific needs. Some go for the high end, surround sound experience, while others simply try to deliver solid audio at an affordable price. But the real winners are those headphone options that deliver the best of both worlds alongside comfort.

Hoping to stake its claim on the headphone market is the Polk Audio Striker ZX, a headset developed specifically for the Xbox One. That means the headset comes packaged with a controller adapter and is best when used in conjunction with Microsoft‘s new console. But, much like Polk’s 4Shot headset models, the Striker ZX will work with any device that accepts generic headsets (PS4, PC, smartphone, etc.).

From a strict design perspective, the Striker ZX fits the Polk aesthetic to a “T.” Granted it’s made from a much cheaper plastic, but the form factor is still of a high quality. On top of that, the ear cups and headband cushions are comfortable enough that most users should feel no fatigue or strain during long play sessions. In essence, it may feel a little cheaper than the average headset, but the Striker ZX performs where it counts.

Polk Striker Headsets

The Striker ZX also delivers decent audio as either a chat headset or a basic set of headphones. Admittedly, it’s not going to blow any audiophiles away, but at a sub-$100 price point the headset more than gets the job done. The headset even boasts a retractable mic that preserves the sleek form factor of the device when not in use.

In our rigorous testing of the headset, the Striker ZX worked admirably on every major console, delivering decent audio to and from the user. It’s obviously not going to hit the same benchmarks as the more expensive 4Shot Headset (read our review) or any of the other big name, high-end models out there, but the headset does well to fit a very particular need.

The Specs:

Dimensions – Product Weight (each) 8.3 oz. (235.3 grams)
Electrical – Max Sensitivity 98 dB @ 126mV
Electrical – Nominal Impedance 32 Ohms
Electrical – Total Frequency Response (-3 dB) 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Headphone Specs – Included Cables Permanently attached 40″ audio cable
Headphone Specs – Input Connections 3.5mm
Headphone Specs – Style Over-ear
Headphone Specs Transducer – Diameter 40 mm
Headphone Specs Transducer – Type Dynamic Balance polymer resin driver
Shipping – Included Accessories Polk Xbox Controller Chat Adapter, owner’s manual

The only real drawback to the Striker ZX is that it doesn’t come across as an exceptional value. The audio quality is fine, the plastic frame is sturdy if a bit rigid, and the comfort is good, but nothing about the headset impressed.

Overall, the Polk Striker ZX headset is a moderately priced headset with a comfortable design and solid performance on the audio end. Xbox One owners in particular might want to give the headset a look, if only because Polk has balanced their controller adapter to project and reproduce surround quality sound. There are tons of headset options out there on the market, but when it comes to the sub-$100 category the Striker ZX is right up there with the best.

What do you think of the Strike ZX headphones? Do they sound like a model that would suit your needs?

The Polk Audio Striker ZX is available now for $89.95.

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