Polk Striker Aims To Be Affordable, Comfy Wireless Xbox One Gaming Headset

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With 40+ years experience and expertise in the field of sound, Polk Audio has been a long-time leading force for home theater speakers in North America, also specializing in headphones, wireless speakers, and sound bars. With the gaming industry already a staple part of home entertainment and soon to be a $100 billion annual market, Polk is jumping in as well, having partnered with Xbox last summer to team with engineers on the Halo and Forza teams to design a range of gaming products for the household.

At E3 2014, Polk came packing with a little something new for gamers and now we can add the Polk Striker to their gaming lineup which already includes the 4 Shot Xbox One Gaming Headphones, N1 Bluetooth SurroundBar, and Melee Xbox 360 Gaming Headphones. The Striker is an affordable $89 gaming headset coming this fall designed with the next-gen Xbox console in mind and comes in several different color options: black, grey/blue and white/orange.

The Striker is a sleek design (images below) and lightweight, heavily cushioned unit and that takes advantage of the “ProFit Comfort system.” It comes with a custom wireless adapter for the Xbox One that plugs directly into the console with an adapter that connects from the headset to the Xbox One controller, giving users control over chat and volume.

Mark Suskind, vice president of user experience at Polk:

“With the Striker, our goal is to fill a void in the gaming headset market by offering an affordable headphone option that delivers dynamic sound during all aspects of a game―whether it’s dialogue between characters or an intense action sequence. As we continue to make significant investments in gaming, all of our supporting innovations will be designed to enhance and expand the rich, multifaceted audio elements within games played on any console.”

Polk Striker Headsets

  • Game-Changing Sound Quality — Polk’s Dynamic Balance® driver technology reveals a wider and more impressive frequency range with sharp details and no hints of strain or resonances, so gamers never skip a beat
  • Clear Chat Audio — A built-in boom mic optimizes crisp, clear chat; in addition, a 7-cm. flexible extension seamlessly conforms to a gamer’s chat preferences and retracts easily into the ear cup when not in use
  • Freedom of Movement — Located at the ear cup, a strain-relief cable connector ensures the 46-in. cable always keeps users connected to the game without getting in the way

Find out more at polkaudio.com.


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The Polk Striker releases this October.