Polk ‘4 Shot’ Xbox One Gaming Headset Review

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Although many gamers tend to stick with their old stand-bys when it comes to tech, the launch of a new console generation has paved the way for new accessories to step in and stake their claim as the new, must-have peripheral. Hoping to capture gamers’ attention, specifically those with an Xbox One, is the 4 Shot Headset from Polk Audio.

First and foremost, it’s important to point out that although the 4 Shot is billed as an Xbox One headset, its audio output actually works with any device with a common headphone jack. So, even if they cannot chat, gamers can still use the headphone functionality of the 4 Shot with a PC, smartphone, tablet, and even the PS4 (via the DualShock 4’s stereo jack).

However, for the purposes of this review we’ll focus on the 4 Shot as an Xbox One headset, not just a set of headphones. Obviously, it’s nice to have that utility when it comes to a headset, and the 4 Shot fits that bill perfectly, but this is a headset built specifically for the Xbox One gamer.

From a design perspective, the 4 Shot has a sleek, almost futuristic profile with squared ear cups and a retractable mic built right into the left cup. Moreover, it’s not overly bulky like some of the headsets out there, so the 4Shot won’t weigh gamers’ heads down during extended play sessions.

In fact, this is an ideal headset for those long gaming nights, as the faux leather, cushioned ear cups and headband are extremely comfortable. The key to great headphones and headsets these days is comfort even after a few hours, and the 4 Shot more than delivers in that regard. Of those headsets that I’ve personally used, these are easily the most comfortable to wear.

Matching that A-plus design is a solid audio experience that’s piped in directly from the Xbox One controller via the chat adapter (included). With only a stereo output option, the 4 Shot may not be top tier, but those who just want crisp clean sound will be plenty satisfied. Movies, TV shows, and online videos sound great, but where the headset shines the brightest is with games. Sound effects pop, dialogue is clear, and background music packs that ever-important punch.

Polk 4 Shot Free Boom Mic

When it comes to chat audio, the 4 Shot reproduces the player’s voice just fine, but that wasn’t always true. Earlier in the product’s life, it struggled, but thanks to some updates from Microsoft, players should have no problems hearing you. And for those who still feel like the retractable mic isn’t getting the job done, Polk also offers a boom mic accessory for free. Just register the device on their site and they will ship it right away.

The Specs

  • Max Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Total Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Normal Impedance – 20 ohms

At $159.99 retail, the 4 Shot is obviously not going to be for every gamer, but those who do pick it up will find a headset that delivers solid audio, feels comfortable, and works in a variety of situations. The lack of surround sound support and the inconsistencies with chat audio do hurt the peripheral’s appeal a bit, but for Xbox One gamers the 4 Shot is up there with the top headsets on the market.

What headset/headphones do you like to use for your Xbox One gaming? Does the Polk 4 Shot sound like a headset for you?

The Polk Audio 4 Shot is available now for $159.95. The retail package includes the headset, a chat adapter, a basic audio cable, a USB mini cable, and an audio cable with volume control and mute button.

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