Back in February, we shared a video for a neat game idea that caught the attention of the Game Rant staff. It was called Police Warfare and the concept video was a pitch for a new and different take on the Call of Duty series that embraced the theme of cops and robbers.

With the recent splurge of Kickstarter-funded games and projects, the team behind Police Warfare (Elastic Games) took to crowd-sourced fundraising by launching their own page last week. And now… it’s been canceled.

Within just a few days, Police Warfare earned $25,000 of their $325,000 goal before the Kickstarter was shut down over the weekend, much to the dismay of its 784 backers. But, don’t fret. It sounds like there’s a very good reason behind why this has happened. Here’s their update message:

Thank you so much for the incredible response to the game. We’re shutting down the kickstarter account but this is by no means the end of Police Warfare. News will be coming.

Police Warfare is not canceled and is still coming, it’s just not being financed through fans via Kickstarter. What this means is that some publisher must have signed with or acquired Elastic Games to make the multiplayer shooter a reality.

Police Warfare robber classes

Could it be Activision interested in bringing another brand of Call of Duty to light? Or is another, smaller company/group of investors interested in pursuing the original plan for Police Warfare in bringing it as a downloadable for Steam and eventually as a downloadable for Xbox 360 and PS3?

Either way, news “will be coming” soon and when it does, we’ll share it with you.

On a sad note, we suppose this means the backers who pledged big bucks (or were planning to) can no longer get their face and/or name in the game. We expect this is the first of many games spotted on Kickstarter to get picked up by bigger game companies and taken out of the hands of fans – Kickstarter is a spawning ground of creativity and the industry sure needs some of that.

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Source: Elastic Games

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