Pokken Tournament: See the First Official Footage of Shadow Mewtwo

By | 12 months ago 

The latest trailer for the upcoming Wii U exclusive Pokemon-themed fighting game, Pokken Tournament, teases the inclusion of Mewtwo’s new Shadow Mewtwo form.

A few days ago, footage appeared online of a new form of Mewtwo called Shadow Mewtwo as a boss enemy in Pokken Tournament. Now an official trailer for this new Pokemon has been released, though it reveals far less than the gameplay footage from a few days back.

This new Pokken Tournament trailer highlights various Pokemon that have already been confirmed for the game, such as Blaziken and Charizard. It closes with a teaser for Shadow Mewtwo, though stops short of revealing anything substantial about the mysterious new character.

There are a lot of unknowns surrounding the character of Shadow Mewtwo. It appears to be the primary antagonist of Pokken Tournament, but the way it is introduced also seems to suggest that Shadow Mewtwo will be a part of the playable roster for the game.

See Shadow Mewtwo’s official, but brief, reveal in the trailer below:

All things considered, the unofficial gameplay footage of Shadow Mewtwo from the Japanese arcade version of the game was far more revealing, showing an entire battle between the ghost-type Pokemon Gengar and Shadow Mewtwo. The footage of that battle created a lot of lingering questions about Shadow Mewtwo, but this official trailer fails to answer any of them. What is the purpose of the crystal embedded in his shoulder? How is Shadow Mewtwo created? Is he only a boss character, or will Shadow Mewtwo be part of the playable roster?

Perhaps the crystal in Mewtwo’s shoulder is indicative of a new item that players can expect in future Pokemon titles, and the “Shadow” prefix hints at new forms coming to more Pokemon than just Mewtwo. Previously, “Shadow” Pokemon appeared in the GameCube titles Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, but Shadow Mewtwo seems to be a different beast entirely from the Shadow Pokemon we’ve seen before.

Even though we have far more questions than answers when it comes to the case of Shadow Mewtwo in Pokken Tournament, there’s no doubt that the character is an intriguing addition to the game. Hopefully we’ll learn more about Shadow Mewtwo in the months leading up to Pokken Tournament‘s Wii U release.

What do you think about Shadow Mewtwo in Pokken Tournament? What is the purpose of the crystal embedded in his shoulder? Speculate with us about the origins and purpose of Shadow Mewtwo in the comments below.

Pokken Tournament is coming to the Wii U in spring 2016, and is currently available to play as an arcade game in Japan, as well as at Dave and Busters.

Source: The Official Pokemon Channel