With anticipation building for the reveal of a new playable character in Pokken Tournament, Japanese gaming mag CoroCoro reveals three more Pokemon set to join the fray.

Nintendo has wasted little time in informing consumers that it’s the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, revealing a brand new Pokemon Red/Blue themed 3DS bundle. Since this birthdate is a big deal for the Big N, the company has plans to release one of the series’ more anticipated spin-offs in recent memory, Pokken Tournament, to commemorate it. Fans the world over have quickly took up speculating on which Pocket Monster may be joining the game next, and now Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro has prematurely unveiled three of the forthcoming combatants.

CoroCoro, via the Pokemon fan site Serebii, has confirmed that Braixen, Garchomp, and the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo will be added as playable characters to Pokken Tournament. Two of the newly confirmed and controllable beasts (Mewtwo and Garchomp) are certainly popular enough to make their inclusion less surprising, but Braixen seems like an odd choice considering that it’s only the secondary evolution of Fennekin – the Fire-type starter Pokemon that debuted in Pokemon X and Y.

Pokken Tournament Garchomp Mewtwo Braixen

Regardless, all three Pokes should make for some interesting additions, but this now means that there’s both Shadow Mewtwo and the more traditional version of the Psychic-type. With that said, perhaps the two will have different movesets or even utilize different Mega Evolution forms. The creature may also just revert back to its traditional appearance after being defeated and, presumably, unlocked in the game, but that all remains to be seen.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that neither Mewtwo, Garchomp, or Braixen are the Pokemon that’s being teased for a reveal at some point within the next week. This is known because neither of the trio feature the Japanese hiragana character ‘ラ’, and the forthcoming character reveal has already confirmed that the fighter’s name features just that. We’ve already offered up a few possible fighters that fit this bill, ranging from Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan to Swampert and Flygon, but fans should be getting their first glimpse at the newcomer in the very near future.

Pokken Tournament is set to arrive on the Nintendo Wii U in Spring 2016.

Are you content with Mewtwo, Garchomp, and Braixen being added to the game? Which Pokemon do you want to see added to the roster next? Get at us in the comments.

Source: CoroCoro (via Serebii)