Nintendo teases the addition of a brand new fighter for its upcoming Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, by confirming that the new character will be revealed next week.

With the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise well en route, it’s looking more and more like Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have plenty in store to help fans celebrate in the coming months. One of the biggest releases set to tie in with the brand’s birthday is none other than Pokken Tournament, a long awaited fight-centric spin-off of the beloved RPG series. While the roster is currently a little lacking in terms of the number of combatants, The Pokemon Company has just begun teasing the next playable addition to the fight title.

The latest creature to join the fray was the fully-evolved Sceptile, which just so happens to be a fan-favorite amongst Ruby and Sapphire fans. While many were jazzed by the prospect of suiting up as the Grass-type in Pokken Tournament, however, it’s not shocking to hear that gamers are once again excited by the potential that the next Pokemon reveal brings. And, even though the Big N isn’t quite ready to spill the beans, it has given its dedicated followers a small hint – simply stating that the creature’s name features the Japanese hiragana character “ラ”.

According to a translation done by DualShockers, this likely means that the Pocket Monster’s name features “ra” or “la” within it. This is, of course, supposed to be found within the translated Japanese name for the unknown beast, which doesn’t exactly narrow down the list of potential candidates. Still, some frontrunners include Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan – both of which feature the aforementioned ‘ラ’ within their Japan-based names. Other possible candidates range from Heracross and Swampert to Tyranitar and Hitmontop, but only time will tell which monster will be joining the fray.

Regardless of which Pokemon becomes the newest addition to Pokken Tournament, the roster itself is shaping up quite nicely. Shadow Mewtwo in particular looks like an interesting take on a well-liked character, and it’ll be interesting to see how well the game performs while running on the Wii U – especially since the title is confirmed to support local multiplayer. That said, with a March release set for the game in Japan, there isn’t much more time to add too many more fighters, so the final additions will likely end up being crucial for fans.

Pokken Tournament arrives for Nintendo Wii U in Spring 2016.

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Source: DualShockers (via GameSpot)