Nintendo begins teasing a new Pokemon fighter and support character for a formal reveal in December – kickstarting speculation on which creature it could be.

Ever since Pokken Tournament was first announced, fans have been clamoring to see their favorite Pocket Monster added to the fray. It seems like those keeping their fingers crossed for more playable combatants will be getting their wish, as The Pokemon Company has begun teasing the reveal of a newcomer set for December 10, 2015. Outside of news that a single roster addition and one new support character are en route, however, no one is sure which Pokemon will be selected to join the game.

The initial tweet that confirmed the reveal doesn’t give any clues as to the identity of which befriend-able beast will be added to the roster, which means many diehard Pokemon fans will be left chomping at the bit for at least a little while longer. Setting that aside, it becomes almost impossible to tell which assist character will also be added to Pokken Tournament as well.

After this mysterious fighter is added, the game’s existing fighter count will officially be sitting at 12, which is still rather low in the eyes of many fighting game aficionados. Still, those that have been included thus far have undoubtedly been fan-favorites – with Shadow Mewtwo making for a surprising twist on the ever-popular, Legendary Pocket Monster. Keeping that in mind, it’s entirely possible that others could be on the receiving end of such alterations as well.

When it comes down to speculating on which Pokemon are ripe for the picking by Bandai Namco staff working on Pokken Tournament, many see the likes of Howlucha and Greninja as frontrunners. Given the latter’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros., it wouldn’t be surprising to see the frog/ninja water-type selected once again. Meanwhile, Howlucha has long stood out as a favorite following its first appearance in Pokemon X and Y.

At this point it’s nearly impossible to say what others will be added to the fight title, but wannabe Pokemon Masters are understandably excited by the promise of finding out come December 10, 2015. In the meantime, gamers should definitely keep tuning into Game Rant for more details on Pokken Tournament as soon as they’re made available.

Which Pokemon do you think will be added to Pokken Tournament? Are you looking forward to the game arriving on Wii U? Get at us in the comments.

Pokken Tournament will arrive exclusively for Wii U in North America in Spring 2016.

Source: Twitter (via GoNintendo)