Following months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo has officially announced that the Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament is coming to the Nintendo Switch as Pokken Tournament DX, with a planned release date of September 22nd.

Pokken Tournament DX will be bringing with it a number of enhancements when compared to the Wii U original. Perhaps the most exciting news is that the game will feature five new Pokemon not available in the Wii U version, with Croagunk, Darkrai, Decidueye, Empoleon, and Scizor all joining the roster of playable fighters.

In terms of gameplay, it seems as though Pokken Tournament DX will mostly remain the same game as before, albeit with support for the Nintendo Switch’s unique features. For example, players will be able to battle one another using a single Switch system and two Joy-Con controllers, or they can duke it out with two Switch consoles. Online multiplayer will be supported as well, with 3v3 team battles, ranked matches, friendly matches, and group matches all confirmed for the Switch release.

The trailer for Pokken Tournament DX Nintendo showed during the Pokemon Nintendo Direct today gave fans their first glimpse of the game in action, but a deeper dive should come at E3 next week. Anyone lucky enough to be in attendance at E3 itself will have a chance to try the game’s playable demo, but those watching from home can look forward to it being showcased during the Nintendo Treehouse presentation as well as in an invitational tournament on June 14th.

Since Nintendo plans on showcasing Pokken Tournament DX at E3, it’s possible that there are some as of yet unannounced features that will be in the Switch version of the game. It’s even possible that Pokken Tournament DX will feature new game modes that weren’t present in the Wii U release, but that’s just speculation at this time.

With Pokken Tournament DX set to be featured during E3 next week, more details on what it will entail should come to light. At the very least, fans can look forward to seeing how well Pokken Tournament DX runs on the Nintendo Switch when compared to the Wii U version of the game.

Pokken Tournament DX will be available on September 22nd for the Nintendo Switch