Nintendo confirms plans to announce a brand new entrant to Pokken Tournament later this month, kickstarting speculation amongst fans about which Pokemon it could be.

There’s little question that Pokken Tournament managed to resonate decently with consumers, securing enough sales during its debut back in March to secure a place within the top ten best selling list for games for that month. Considering it is a Wii U title, this surprised many, as the sales potential for those games are lower than those on PC, PS4, and Xbox One due to a lower install base. If there was one significant issue Pokken Tournament had in the eyes of fans, however, it’s the fact that it was rather light on content.

This was one of the biggest sticking points highlighted in Game Rant’s review of Pokken Tournament, but it looks as if Nintendo and developer Bandai Namco plan on addressing this qualm – at least, within the arcade version of the game. Apparently a brand new Pokemon character will be joining the fray for arcade-goers in Japan, as the title receives a major update to incorporate three previously Wii U-exclusive fighters (Garchomp, Braixen, and Shadow Mewtwo) later this July.

According to the official Japanese Pokken Tournament Twitter account, the fighter will be revealed on July 14th in a NicoNico livestream, and could even be added to the game as soon as soon as the July 20th arcade update in Japan. At this point in time though, there is currently no word on whether or not the new character is planned to join the Wii U version’s roster. With previous comments from the studio behind the project claiming that there was no DLC currently planned for the Pokemon fighting game, it’s looking as if that stance may have lessened significantly.

As for which Pocket Monster will be joining the fray, it’s hard to say. There are certainly characters that many longtime fans of the franchise would love to see realized as a playable fighter, and currently none of Game Rant’s top 5 potential Pokemon combatants are playable within the title. With that said, there are allegedly rumors floating round that Scizor, Empoleon, and Darkrai could be joining the fray at some point in the future, but these mumblings are unconfirmed at this point in time.

Whatever the mystery monster ends up being, fans are sure to be excited to see it revealed. Meanwhile, Wii U owners that reside outside of Japan will have to hang tight and wait for word on whether or not they can expect to see the fighter join their game.

Source: Japanese Pokken Tournament Twitter (via Attack of the Fanboy)