Pokken Tournament Hits Dave and Buster’s Next Week

By | 1 year ago 

When Namco Bandai and The Pokemon Company introduced the concept of a fighting game featuring sparring Pokemon a year ago, many gamers weren’t sure how it would work out. Many spin-off Pokemon games have dabbled in other genres than the original Pokemon titles, but a fighting game akin to Tekken seemed a little extreme to some.

However, as more of Pokken Tournament has been demonstrated, players have warmed up to the idea of a Pokemon fighting game. Pokemon fans who have been eager to give Pokken Tournament a try before it heads to the Wii U will soon have such an opportunity.

Back in July, in an AMA segment on Reddit, Dave and Buster’s Senior Vice President Kevin Bachus announced that the arcade version of Pokken Tournament would be coming Dave and Buster’s. Dave and Buster’s is now making good on that promise, and starting next week, US-based players will be able to try out the game for themselves. In a tweet today, Dave and Buster’s announced that the arcade machine would be making an appearance in their New York Times Square location, as the very first appearance of the title stateside.

The tweet doesn’t make it clear whether or not the title will be coming to additional locations in the weeks or months to come, but Bachus previously stated that if the game did well, they’d bring it “everywhere.” For now, Pokemon die-hards will have to make the trek to New York to try out the arcade machine, but it will probably make an appearance at other locations in the near future.

Pokken Tournament has already gotten people excited with its roster of fighters and their wide range of fighting styles. The team working on Pokken Tournament assured gamers that the game would feature different mechanics than Tekken, allowing Pokemon who aren’t known for their physical attacks, like Gengar, to join. Pokemon characters have been a mainstay in the Super Smash Bros. fighting series for years now, so allowing the series favorites to move into a more traditional fighting game does make sense. Pokken Tournament will be heading to the Wii U in 2016, but this may be the only opportunity stateside players have to check out the title this year.

For gamers who just can’t wait, at least heading to New York is more feasible than going to Japan. Gamers could also make a pit-stop at the Nintendo World Store (which was previously a Pokemon Center) while they’re there, too. The only disappointment here is that Pokemon Go isn’t available yet, so gamers can’t catch augmented reality Pokemon on the road to New York.

Pokken Tournament will be available at Dave & Buster’s next week, and is coming to the Wii U in Spring 2016.

Source: Dave & Buster’s