Pokken Tournament: Croagunk Joins The Roster


After ample speculation, the latest fighter joining the roster of Pokken Tournament has been revealed, and it's – rather surprisingly – the toxic frog Pokemon, Croagunk.

Following the reveal of Scizor, fans of the Pocket Monster fighting game, Pokken Tournament, immediately began speculating on which character may be joining the roster next. Given that prior leaks had already confirmed the pending additions of the mythical Darkrai and the aforementioned Scizor, many believed that Empoleon would be the next candidate thrown into the fray by developer Bandai Namco. Evidently, that was not the case, as The Pokemon Company has confirmed that Croagunk has been selected as the next playable fighter.

What makes this Poison/Fighting-type such a bizarre addition to the fight title is the fact that it was previously a Support Pokemon. Opting to forego a playable appearance in the early goings of Pokken Tournament, the beast could be selected to jump into a battle and lay the smackdown on any enemy monster that got too close to it. It made for a formidable obstacle for faster characters that enjoyed bobbing and weaving around incoming projectiles and strikes, but it would retire shortly after it had served its purpose.

As a result, many never saw Croagunk as a viable fighter, but the below trailer proves that there's a lot more fight in the beast than fans may have thought.


Sadly, Croagunk (much like Scizor and Darkrai) will not be joining the Wii U version of the game at this point in time, and will instead be headed to Pokken Tournament's arcade machines in Japan. The decision to keep downloadable combatants off of the home console version of the game is an odd move in the eyes of fans, especially since the game actually managed to sell well. With that said, it may make sense if there are plans to seek a larger audience on the newly announced Nintendo Switch, but (aside from a few conceptual pieces of footage) Nintendo has yet to officially confirm any titles for the new hardware – outside of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, of course.

Just when consumers outside of the land of the rising sun will be able to get their hands on Croagunk is unknown, but hopeful trainers still have Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon to look forward to later this month. Perhaps that, coupled with the latest Pokken Tournament trailer, will be enough for the time being.

Pokken Tournament is currently available for the Nintendo Wii U, although no DLC has been confirmed for the system yet.

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